Best Apps for Real Estate Investors

When it comes to real estate, it’s definitely smart to stay up to date on news concerning real estate and be current on the properties that you are willing to invest in. Become more productive and accurately track your investments by looking into these apps to keep you organized.



The Zillow app is going to help you see many properties from multiple sites and outlets. This free app also offers many features to help you figure out what the average home values are in the areas you’re interested in and neighborhood comparables. It can also be a useful tool to calculate mortgages, figure out interior design options, and even find school districts in the areas you are looking at.


Bigger Pockets

The Bigger Pockets app is a social media platform that allows you to interact with other real estate investors and learn from their advice. Engage with others that share your interest in real estate and stay up to date on what they are investing in. You can even ask questions in forums and read blogs written by users. There is also a tool on the app that allows you to analyze the property you’re interested in and print out reports for your records. With this tool and the deal analysis forum, you can look at your next deal and get input on whether or not it is a worthwhile investment.



Investing in real estate often means having to pour through a lot of paperwork to sign and file away with your important documents. DocuSign offers all professionals the ability to sign documents electronically and send them to any mobile device with the click of a button. You can create your own documents to sign and send along, eliminating the need to keep stacks of paper in a filing cabinet. DocuSign offers a free 30 day trial and membership to use the app is around $20 per month.


Ten-X Commercial

The Tex-X Commercial app is geared toward commercial real estate investors. This app makes it incredibly easy to search for commercial properties in the areas you’d like to invest in and even receive alerts when new properties become available. The app allows you to search from a map, table, or list view and even send offers to properties you find.


If you are a real estate investor or are just interested in learning more about the opportunities that come from real estate investing, it’s good to check out these apps. As mobile technology continues to grow and develop, it’s important to utilize your mobile phone to make the most of your investing and make the best deals possible.

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