Popular Home Decorating Trends Through the Years

No one really knows why some home decorating trends go in and out of favor, while other trends become “timeless” and resist looking dated after a few years. What’s for sure is that when a “trendy” look is really over (avocado green kitchen appliances, anyone?) it is really over, and the sooner you replace that rust-colored deep pile shag rug, the better.

To see how much things have changed, here’s a look at a few of the more trendy interior decorating styles from years gone by, from the 1970s on up to today.

The Groovy 1970s’

While the hard-rockin’ 1960s brought us pop art from Andy Warhol and talk of revolution, the 70s were just one long, laid-back groove. The beginnings of the organic food movement in the 60s and 70s somehow translated into plenty of “natural” earth tones in decor. Yes, kitchen appliances were really seen in colors like earth brown and deep avocado green (that really happened), and plushy pillows and brown shag rugs somehow tied it all together, sort of.

The Go Go 1980s’

The go-go glam rock of the 1980s was a kind of amping up of the retro styles of the 1950s, but on steroids. All of that played out in wildly electric color schemes, with the “Memphis” style, made up of bright neon colors and plenty of bold geometric shapes, making a real splash in many homes. 80s decor with a little more subtlety tended towards rooms with plenty of chintz upholstery and tapestry, with a lot of salmon pink walls tying the look all together.

Getting Frilly in the 1990s’

As the 1980s evolved into the 1990s, a feeling of overstated opulence and a bit of fuss entered the design scheme of many homes. Tapestry patterns were seen on wallpaper, and wallpaper in all kinds of ornate patterns took over for a while. Hunter green was also a strong color that made its way into many interior designs, worked in between all that wallpaper!

The 2000s’

The first decade of the new century saw the emergence of a few design trends catering to the casual “work at home” lifestyle that came into popularity with the advent of laptops and Smartphones, like living room areas that doubled as offices. Larger, more comfortable couches and chairs in a “shabby chic” style also became a trend, as people looked for comfort as the Recession came on. White kitchens with industrial farmhouse sinks were also a trend, which offered a clean look that hasn’t really gone out of style.

2010 and Beyond

Today there are many trends that trade on the trends of years past. Industrial farmhouse decor remains popular, as do open plan kitchens with stainless steel appliances and white tile. Dark grey walls are still a thing, but Chevon patterned upholstery seems to be going out of style.

No matter how out of style a trend may be, just wait, and it will come back in style again!

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